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Rp text with TimelordLoki - hope she reply eh.....

That makes Kyle-Ryll get his serious footballer mode on as he rushed into the circles of the boys as well as the rest of the Germans.

"I wonder what would be the training that Jogi wanna teach us for today..." Kyle-Ryll said to himself.
Eh jungs! Where's my footie RP partner TimelordLoki gone to? My script is waiting.....
That makes Kyle-Ryll get his serious footballer mode on as he rushed into the circles of the boys as well as the rest of the Germans.

"I wonder what would be the training that Jogi wanna teach us for today..." Kyle-Ryll said to himself.
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RP Script (In Progress) by me and TimelordLoki

Me -> Kyle-Ryll Vamburt, Kaito Rezekrov, Marvin Movenhart (all of them are Germany NT OCs)
TimelordLoki -> German footballers

 Kyle-Ryll Vamburt, the Malaysian-German footballer, the defensive midfielder, wearing 2014 home Germany NT jersey number 50 with his last name at his back - on the stadium field somewhere in Dortmund. Bouncing the ball on his thighs left and right, his brown eyes counted how much he bounced them in sequence without falling.

He didn't even notice that he was being watched during the last couple of minutes, a tall man with dark-blonde hair stood at the edge of the field, kind of counting  Kyle-Ryll's succesfull bounces. It's Manuel Neuer, he has some free time after training with his goal-keeper coach the whole morning and so he decided to wander around and watch the others.

Kyle-Ryll kept counting.... "456.... 457..... 458..... 459-" and then the ball bounced right at his face then to the ground, "Verdammit!" he cursed silently before he ran to get the ball and......

... noticed that the ball stopped right in front of the goal keeper's feet. Manuel kinda grinned at him as Kyle-Ryll looked up. ''No new personal-record huh?''  he asked and it kind of sounded like he made a little fun of him. 

"Could be... I want to make it until 500..... but verdammit...." Kyle-Ryll said then he picked the ball and look up. "Danke for...." then he snapped. "Wait... are you...."

The smile on Manuel's lips spreaded a little more and he helt his hand over to the other one. ''... Am I...? I don't know, you tell me.'' he continues, sounding a little teasing as he sees how surprised Kyle-Ryll looks, well, stares at him.

"Your Manuel Neuer, right?" Kyle-Ryll grabbed his hand and shaking it harshly. "Nice to meet you. My name's Kyle-Ryll. Kyle-Ryll Vamburt,"

Manuel nodded. ''Yep, that's me! Nice to meet you Kyle-Ryll!''  He released the other one's hand again and gets an idea all of the sudden. ''So, I guess you are training right now? How about we train together for a while?'' 

"Why not, Nutella-man?" Kyle-Ryll grinned wider, he's in mischievous mode is already turned on. He started kicking the ball and balanced it at his thigh. "I know we're both rivals in each clubs but we're in same nation blood, right?" then he bounced the ball higher forward.

Manuel catched the ball with a tight and safe grip. ''Indeed we are!'' he says smiling and quickly rushed to that one goal at the edge of the field, letting the ball fall in front of his feet and kicking it over to his training-partner. 

"I wonder... if one day..." he stopped the ball with his left feet and bouncing up to his head. "I joined Nationalmannschaft along with you guys...." (Hint: Vamburt is from club BVB since 2010, 26 goals so far)

Manuel starts smiling again, watching him how he plays with the ball. ''Well, just always give your best, never give up and keep on believing, I know,  that does sound really... stupid to be honest, but that's what I did! And see where I am now...  I reached my dream... urgh sorry, kinda drowned in emotions I guess! Sorry!'' 

Kyle-Ryll grinned, "I know what you're thinking, Manu-tella. Hehehe...." then he kicked the ball high to the sky before he jumped in 270 degrees as his left foot kicked the ball and...... It almost hit someone. 

And this someone just dodged the ball in the last second before it would have hit his face, directly into the middle.

 ''whoah...! Careful now!'' he says a little shocked, but starts smiling as he gets to the other two on the field. 

It's Bastian Schweinsteiger, who just greeted Manuel with a quick hug and looks at Kyle-Ryll afterwards.  ''Kyle-Ryll right? I saw a game with you! Borussia Dortmund against Hamburg I think....You play really great I must say...''

"Yeah, I am. The 'play breaker' of Dortmund," Kyle-Ryll replied, smiled. "So the Deutshe Tiger, what are you doing here along with this Manu-tella, huh?" he curved an evil smile. (Trivia: Kyle-Ryll called Schweinsteiger as 'The Deutshe tiger' maybe he can't memorize/pronounce his last name right so he tried to make it short)

The 'tiger' laughed at his word-play ''I don't know, I was just curious what you two are doing over here. So you are already done with your training for today Manu?'' 
He asks, looking at the taller man.

''Yeah!'' he says smiling and picks up the ball. ''But actually we two wanted to continue a little'' he adds and Bastian laughs again ''Oh yeah, kinda noticed that!''

"That's the great idea from the seniors here. And I'm almost forgot, we're gonna need to meet someone...." then Kyle-Ryll said silently. "important. Very important....."

''Oh yeah?'' Manu asks curious. ''Sounds serious, who do we have to meet? And why? Sounds interesting to be honest'' He turns the ball in his hands, waiting for an answer. And also Bastian has a surprised expression on his face.

Kyle-Ryll felt weird, "Oii! Don't you two forgot who we're gonna meet with? With our 'papa', remember??"

Manuel facepalmed himself. ''This really isn't my day! Sorry! Yeah you are right!'' he says laughing and shakes his head in disbelieve, not getting how he could forget that. ''Yeah, right! I also nearly forgot about that..'' Bastian mumbles.

Kyle-Ryll giggled, "Next time, get more raisins during breakfast, eh? Not depend on Nutella perhaps," he winked then turned to the left. "There we go..."

Manuel was still smiling over that joke Kyle- Ryll just made as they met their manager and coach, Jogi Löw. 

''Good Morning!'' Bastian began to greet him smiling and also Manuel greeted him. 

"Guten morgen und.... Hey, papa Jogi!!" Kyle-Ryll waved his hand to the coach. "What's up, man??" even Kyle-Ryll's shout makes Marvin Movenhart, his friend that came along with him whispered, "Kyle, watch out of your voice..."

The coach heard the whispering and just laugh. ''Do you really think he's the only one why talks to me as if I was his daddy?'' he says smiling, something what makes him incredibly sympathetic.

 ''Well, this is going to be a great day! For all of us I guess!''  he says and looks at all the players that gathered around him.

That makes Kyle-Ryll get his serious footballer mode on as he rushed into the circles of the boys as well as the rest of the Germans.

"I wonder what would be the training that Jogi wanna teach us for today..." Kyle-Ryll said to himself.

Story in Progress........

These meaning sometimes makes sense for my Germany NT OCs


A generous, outgoing guy who goes out of his way for his friends. Can be sweet and caring towards people, he has a laid back and calm approach. Truthfulgullablelovely and Sexy.Can be a bit of a stress head at times, can also hold grudges for a long period of time. Nice to get to know, easy to fall in love with. 
-The name Kyle comes from the Scottish origin. In Scottish The meaning of the name Kyle is: Strait. Channel. Narrow. Used as both a surname and first name. 
-The name Kyle is a baby boy name. The name Kyle comes from the Gaelic origin. In Gaelic The meaning of the name Kyle is: A place-name referring to the narrows; a wood or a church-Also an Irish origin. The most amazing, gorgeous, amazing boy in the world. Seriously, he's cute, funny, adorable strong, smart and beautiful; the most wonderful boy you'll ever. You'll find yourself falling in love with him fast.  One of the best guys on the face of the earth. Extremely smart, yet athletic, talented, and downright sexy. Is good at football, and will definatly marry a hot girl. The most radiant person you'll ever meet. He has the biggest, warmest heart. His eyes out shine the stars and has more love to give than cupid himself. It's hard to make him angry but if you do don't expect redemption. He is so easy to fall in love with. He aims to please the woman he's with and will never be less than you deserve. He isn't shy and is ready to give you the truth boldly. He's the most hilarious guy you'll meet. If you hold onto a kyle never let him go because he's the man of your dreams, your best friend and great lover. the most amazing, perfect sweet boy in the world. light of my life. the funniest, most random and strongest boy ever. cute, adorable and beautiful: he is the person you will undoubtly fall in love with he's mine <3 (:] The best guy alive. Girls will be lucky to meet him, but guys - he's homophobic.  Extremely goodlooking, he attracts a lot of attention from his muscles and face. He has the best personality. He can make you laugh and smile even when you're feeling down. He can be playful, but he knows exactly when to be serious. He's nice and sweet, but knows when not to be. He's got flaws like the rest of us, but the good things about him make up for it. He's a very determined person, meaning he will not accept defeat under any circumstances. He refuses to lose to anyone. He is loyal, so he won't sneak around with another person; you can trust him. He's the type of guy that you are willing to give everything you have to; but he doesn't ask for it. He's very cheerful at times, but he can also be very depressed. Like I said, he's nice and sweet, but his jokes are mean, which makes it even funnier. He's an athlete/jock. Yes, ladies, this man has the body of The Rock. He's very muscular, meaning he can protect you and keep you safe. When it comes to love, he's willing to give his all. The things he says won't melt your heart - it'll take it away from your body and lock it inside of his, keeping it safe and warm for you.  He's the best person alive, and there's nobody there to surpass him. A gorgeous, sexy, sweet, and amazing guy who is someone to definitely get to know. He is so much fun and will marry someone as gorgeous as he is. He often goes out of his way for other people and never has an official plan. He just goes with the flow :) Oh, and has a nice *** ;)  The most amazing human being to ever walk the face of the planet. If he punched you in the face, You would have to resist the urge to thank him. Not that he would ever punch you to begin with. (He's so fantastic that he doesn't like mindless violence) Kyle's are very opinionated, but in the cutest little way. Kyle's are also very beautiful in apperance and have awesome man pecs. They tend to be very humerous and have witty comebacks and are VERY very interesting to talk to. You'll never be bored around a Kyle. They're very good listeners and very emotional people. They have the best personality ever, and Kyle's are very flirty and have the most amazing eyes. This definition of a Kyle does no justice. an amazing guy that will never let you down. shy but sweet. very romantic. and very passionate. (: A Kyle is a cute, awkward, dorky guy. He's funny and even though he can be really sweet, sometimes he can come off as a complete and total ***hole. No one can't stay mad at him for long. Kyle's are known to be players, sort of the "bad-boy" type. They are outstandingly charming. And they know how to smooth-talk us ladies, but they treat their women right and will settle down for the right one. They make great Dad's and they're very successful at life. They crack corny jokes but can get away with it unlike most. Kyle's don't have a lot of friends but a few true ones (who would they be...?). They are laid back and just go with the flow. They are very religious (Kyle-Ryll is another Muslim footballer...) and can dress to impress. If you meet a Kyle don't let him go. It'll be one of the worst mistakes you can ever make. (: An amazing, sweet,hot guy. Will always listen to you even if he doesn't like what your talking about. Wants to go out with you but to scared to ask. Very sensitive! But thats ok because he is still perfect for me. Kyle is guy who won't think twice to help you and never sees it as a big deal. He has a strong drive to protect everyone around him. Kyle is smart in school and the ways of the world but can be the biggest dumbass at times. Usually funny because of jokes that degrade himself and he is always fun to be around. Loves the ladies but gets a little less back. Has been called cute and such by random girls but never led to anything so he doesn't buy it. Very humble and doesn't think he is worth the shit he puts in the toilet. Can be very serious and depressed but holds his problems to himself not wanting others to share his burden. Learns from his mistakes and won't give in if he makes the battle personal. Kyle just seems to love everyone even if you are a doosh. A sexy, loving, and extremely caring guy. They are usually quiet thinkers, easy to love, and are usually athletic. Kyles usually go out of their way for their friends, are very good problem solvers, and will listen to every detail of a friend's problem before helping to solve it. Kyles are also very calm and patient, truthful, and fair people  Kyle's are super sweet, they are always hot! They always have amazing eyes. Kyle's are every girls dream guy! You have to be careful around Kyles because they are easy to fall in love with. They are good kissers, and they are very protective. Kyles are very funny and are good at making you smile. You wont regret knowing one! Such a modest and sweet boyfriend. He's also a loyal & hilarious friend. When he makes a mistake, trust me he won't stop apologizing. He appreciates his family and friends. He's very VERY loveable. 



A fabulous British band. Crazy. (....)



Marvin is a generally sweet guy, falls in love easily. He's soooooo funny, he can be cocky. That guy doesn't always make the smartest decisions, though
He has a great body physique, amazing talent at making out, most likely tall. He has a nice ****. =] Marvin is one of those guys you'll never , ever forget. He's an amazing friend, boyfriend...just a great companion of the opposite sex.  The sweetest guy ever! cute, smart it the non-academic and academic department, great kisser, an awesome guy to have as a friend/boyfriend. easy to fall in love with, loves people easily. is straightforward about their opinion and don't care what people think about them. very protective of who he loves and an all around awesome guy! Marvin is a guy you could trust. He will always keep your secrets and will always have your back. He will fall in live with girls that were born in the month of may days from 1-15. Girls that are destined to be with a Marvin and have a happy life usually have a name that starts with an "L" A Marvin is always worth a chance and will never let you down. He will always be faithful and be with you until the end. In shorter words he is the perfect boyfriend don't let him go.!
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That makes Kyle-Ryll get his serious footballer mode on as he rushed into the circles of the boys as well as the rest of the Germans.

"I wonder what would be the training that Jogi wanna teach us for today..." Kyle-Ryll said to himself.
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veekaizhanez's Profile Picture
Nur Nabella Abdullah
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi,hi,hi. Bella Vee in da house!!

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10 things about me
* A conversative girl with liberal minded
* Germany NT die-hard-fan
* Coffee and tea lover. Starbucks is my fave hangout lounge
* Prefer J-pop and anime soundtrack than K-pop songs
* has cynophobia (fear of dogs)
* Has a big appetite~ Nyum!
* 5' 1'' tall
* The eldest of 2 siblings
* Loves toys... mostly Fisher-Price toys (don't blame my mind for this)
* doesn't like to talk much.

I RP as...


* Commander (last Name)
* Alfred Firinson V
* Jimmy Firinson
* Thrasher Rotten

*Jack Frost (Rise of The Guardians)
*Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon)
*Rapunzel (Tangled)
*Merida (Brave)
*Oh My English and Klik students

* Kyle-Ryll Vamburt (OC - Germany NT)
* Kaito Rezekrov (OC - Germany NT)
* Marvin Movenhart (OC- Germany NT)
I'm not good RP-ing as real people so don't ask


Current Residence: Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia
Favourite genre of music: contemporary
Favourite style of art: manga/comic
Operating System: Windows vs Mac
MP3 player of choice: my own Creative Muvo v200
Wallpaper of choice: cartoons
Skin of choice: what the?
Favourite cartoon character: Err... *point my finger to Jack Frost*
Personal Quote: whatever, enjoy!!

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