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Never Break My Heart

A/N: Based from my original romance novel, 'Dari Munich ke KL- sama Pasta' (From Munich to KL  - with Pasta), the romance between ordinary Malay girl and adorable German hunk. Don't like, don't read. Mostly human names used since it's in Alternate Universe.

This one takes place around 2-3 years after you met Ludwig for the first time.

Wearing the white gown with a (color) gem tiara on your head, looking to the mirror, your complexion had been covered with light make-up touch, before snapped by the personal dresser as she corrected your (hairstyle/hijab style), she noticed there's a dull feeling on your (color) eyes.

"(Name), you can't be sad for today. This is supposed to be your best day ever," Elizaveta said.

"Otherwise if it's not Ludwig," you stated. "That guy who supposed to get married with me is him, not that jerk!"

"I know that feeling, (Name)," she silenced. "I still remembered when I married Roderich last year. That time, I felt like I'll be happy with him since he's nice, not like Gilbert-"

"Don't ever mention that German name again," you silenced.

"It is. Until 4 months after that... I still there's something wrong with it. I even don't know why I'm with him,"

"And that's why you get divorced with Roderich, doesn't it?" then Elizaveta sighed.

"(Name), I know you still love Ludwig, but he's not meant to be with you. Eventhough you already know him much, but if God decided you're with him, He will up to that,"

"But will that guy can make me happy just like how Ludwig did to me?" you tried to not cry before her.

"You can't be just live with your memories with Ludwig. Your future husband maybe has a different ways to express his love to you, but he has one vision. He will make you happy since you'll be his woman,"

You slowly nodded, "I hope he does,"
(Friend) opened the door as she said, "(Name), the groom is coming! You have to get out," that makes you stood up slowly walking out the room to the living room along with Elizaveta.

:bulletblack: :bulletred: :bulletyellow:

At the same time, Ludwig with black suit sat at the edge of the bed with holding the black satin ring box, he looked guilty of what he had done and the decisions that he had made. The door knocked makes him shouted, "Come in!"

Feliciano and Kiku opened the door slowly as they both walked close to him.

"Ve~ Ludwig, this is going to be a best day ever. It will be a beautiful moment that I ever had since I met you," Feli said.

Ludwig sighed, "Danke, but zhis ist-"

"Rudwig-san, I hope you put dis desicion correctry. This is serious thing," Kiku said.

At first Ludwig looked down to his black shoes since he didn't want to tell the truth but then he took a deep breathe, "I'm fine,"

:bulletred: :bulletwhite: :bulletblue: :bulletyellow:

You took a seat on your knees between your mom and Elizaveta  and (Friend) as bride assistant. Your mom kept rubbing your back to calm you down from stop sobbing. Your dad and your brother sat at the other side of the room as the groom with his family walked inside your house. You blushingly turned away from looking to your future husband.

"I dare to be single as ever than get married with that jerk," you said to yourself.

:bulletblack: :bulletred: :bulletyellow:

The wedding ceremony that took place at the private park in (City), invited most of the groom and bride's family and friends. Ludwig already stood on the stage waiting for his future 'wife' even it's witnessed by most of his friends such as Feli, Kiku, Roderich and others.

Outside of the park, there's a metallic Mercedes Benz car stopped there, Gilbert as a driver felt uneasy of why his little bruder get his rapid decision to get marry with someone else, because... "I vonder vhy does Vest choose zhat fraulein instead of (Name). Somezhing must had changed his not-so-awesome mind. Zhe awesome me have to do somezhing,"

"Damn potato b****** with that b**** for not inviting both of us to this event. I bet it's really sick as hell if we came in," Lovino said suddenly as he stopped his motorbike beside that car.

"Hey! Ve need to stop Vest from marrying zhat fraulein!"

"Si. I don't want to mess up with that potato b****** but that ragazza that he get married with is not a perfect b**** for him,"

:bulletred: :bulletwhite: :bulletblue: :bulletyellow:

You looked to your future husband. Okay, his complexion is so-so, with his alluring brown eyes and black hair slicked back. 175cm tall and medium muscular. That guy is not someone that you ever know, it was your parents choose him for you because....


"Mom, Dad. Can you choose the man to get marry with me? I can't take it anymore," you pleaded.

"What? What happen to you, (Name)? Does your boyfriend had just dumped you? Or he turned out to someone else? Or did he just soiled you and dumped you?" your mom asked.

"I can't tell it right now. But I don't want to be with Ludwig anymore," you cried.

"It's the right timing for us to tell this, (mom name)," your dad whispered.

"Fine," then your mom sat close to you as she handed the white envelope, "This is the whole information of your future husband. Read it carefully and he will make you happy. You're so lucky because his fiancee had just died of car accident last year, while his mom and I decided to get both of you get married,"

"I don't care who he is, as long as he can make me happy just like how Ludwig did to me,"


"(Name), put down your signature here," the priest handed you a pen and notebook that you agreed to get married with that new guy before you put down the signature on it.

"Can we start it right now?" the priest announced before he shake hands with your future husband.

:bulletblack: :bulletred: :bulletyellow:

Gilbert called Antonio and Francis to gather at the car park lot as well as Lovino to make a plan of stopping Ludwig from getting married with....

The song 'Here comes the bride' echoed to the sky. Ludwig turned around as he noticed one woman with white wedding gown, her complexion covered with wedding veil, beside her is her friend to be her bride assistant. She's (Enemy 1) with her loyal assistant (Enemy 2)

"Ve~ what a pretty ragazza..." Feli stated. "But (Name) is better,"

(Enemy 1) stood next to Ludwig giving him a sweet twisted smile. "Are you ready to be my man?"

"J-ja, I am.." Ludwig replied silently but then he bite his lips nervously as he said to himself, "Mein Gott, I can't take zhis anymore. I had just hurted (Name) only for zhis fraulein,"


"You better listen up here. (Name) is not a good woman that you ever know," (Enemy) came suddenly as she with (Enemy 2) holding one brown envelope, makes Ludwig snatched it, as he opened it it showing a couple of 3R pictures of you kissed and hugged with random man at the night club. He recognized the guy that you were hanging out are Arthur, Francis, and Alfred.

"I bet you don't believe it, but (Name) the fraulein that you really love with actually had just slept with them before she met you, even she's still dated with them and slept with them when you're not around. Such a stupid whale for being a playgirl. She's only an attention seeker troll," (Enemy 1) added.

"Nein, (Name) zhat I ever know didn't do zhis to me. She's a faizhful und guten madchen for me," Ludwig stated.

"You still don't believe it? What if I say that (Name) is.... pregnant?" (Enemy 2) raised her eyebrow.


"Actually, Ludwig. We hired one doctor to check the DNA test so we can confirm if that child is either belong to you or that 3 guy that she hooked up with, but first we need to kill (Name) first-"

"Scheiße!" he muttered. "You can't do zhat to (Name),"

"Aww~ what an adorable guy that we met. I think I changed my mind for now," (Enemy 1) said. "I'm decide to not kill (Name) and her child if you get marry with me by next week,"

Ludwig felt guilty to make this decision, he wants you anyway but this threat makes him felt it's killing him.... "Fien,"


Ludwig snapped to reality as (Enemy 1) nudged him gently to ask him focus to the priest's speech, he only sighed silently and watching it.

:bulletred: :bulletwhite: :bulletblue: :bulletyellow:

"(Boyfriend full name), I'll get you married with (Full name) with a dowry worth of RM5000 cash," the priest announced as he shake hand with your future husband.

"I accept this marriage with (Full name) with a dowry worth of RM5000 cash," (Boyfriend) replied confidently, smiled.

"Approved?" the priest asked (Male friend 1) and (Male friend 2) for approval but interrupted with...

"Declined," the voice from outside makes all of you turned to the door. A couple of police walked inside.

:bulletblack: :bulletred: :bulletyellow:

"Alright. Today, we're attend to see this happily wedding, between (Enemy 1 full name) and Ludwig Beilschmidt - the lovely couple that destinied to be one, and if any of you objected this wedding, raise up your hand," the priest announced.

"STOP!" The loud voice echoed to the sky as all of the guest turned around.

"Now what?" (Enemy 1) sighed.

:bulletred: :bulletwhite: :bulletblue: :bulletyellow:

The polices had just entered your house and arrested your future husband forcing him to get up. He kept asking, "What's going on here? Why are you arresting me?"

"(Boyfriend name), you're under arrest for murdering attempt against Ivan Braginski and Yao Wang," the police replied before they dragged him out of the house. You felt disbelieve of what happen before your eyes.

"My future son-in-law is not guilty!" Your dad exclaimed but it's too late. You started crying, leaning to the wall, since the day you're supposed to be happy with the perfect man failed in the middle.

:bulletblack: :bulletred: :bulletyellow:

"Stop zhis vedding!" Gilbert with modern Prussian warrior suit shouted holding a sword, beside him are Francis, Antonio and Lovino with their warrior suit as well. Are they came in wrong event or something?

Gilbert pointed the sword to (Enemy 1) "Zhe awesome me claimed zhis fraulein planned to make zhis marriage by force!"

"What do you mean you freak?" (Enemy 1) shouted.

"Mon cheri, please tell me is this a reason you broke up with me all sudden?" Francis interrupted. "Je ne pouvais pas croire que la femme que je aime avec elle-même trahi à cet homme, vous n'êtes pas trop loin comme l'ami de la mine pour être un bouc émissaire (I couldn't believe the woman I love with betrayed herself to this man, you're not too far like the friend of mine for being a scapegoat)"

"You better take off your words you bloody hell!" Arthur interrupted as he knew what does Francis talking about.

"Shut up!" (Enemy 1) screamed to make all of them silence before PANG!! she get a hard slap. It was Ludwig slapped her before he turned away.

"This is the payback for what 'ave you done after you leaved me, mon ami," Francis felt disappointed before he dropped down the red rose on the floor then stepped on it as he walked away.

"Senorita, since you had just make this plan to hurting us, we are nothing to care about. Adios amigos!" Antonio said to (Enemy 2) before he also walked away. Lovino pointed his gun to (Enemy 1) makes all of them guests ran away.

"I want you to tell the truth, ragazza. What did you planned to force this potato b****** to get marry with you?" Lovino shouted.

"I won't tell you," (Enemy 1) replied.

"You better tell zhe truzh, fraulein. You forced Vest to get marry since you used (Name) for zhis!" Gilbert exclaimed.

Ludwig had no choice, he need to explain all of it, "Ja! Zhat fraulein forced to get marry vith me. She told me (Name) had someone else behind me... und she said zhat (Name) is...."

"(Name) ist vhat?" Gilbert asked.

"Bruder, finish your business vith her. I have somezhing to do," Ludwig rushed away from the scene as well as Kiku and Feli. Gilbert carried (Enemy 1) in bridal style to the lake makes her struggled to let go but it ended up to the lake as that Prussian albino threw her away there.

"Zhe awesome me - 1. Zhe not awesome fraulein - 0," Gilbert exclaimed. "Kesese~" then he rushed away along with Lovino.

"Come back here, you jerk!!" (Enemy 1) tapped her hands on water before the frog landed on her head makes her freak out.

:bulletred: :bulletwhite: :bulletblue: :bulletyellow:

"(Name) we need to leave," Elizaveta held your hand before she ran away from your house suddenly, followed with (Friend) makes all of the guest shocked. Your parents tried to stop you from following them until the car door locked.

"Please don't look for me. I'll be fine," you said to your parents before the car rushed out from the frontyard area.

"This is your fault, (mom name). You have to ask her who's the right man that she choose," your dad said.

"You're the one who started it (dad name),"

:bulletblack: :bulletred: :bulletyellow:

"Vest, now zhis ist your last chance to meet (Name). All you have to do ist..." Gilbert advised Ludwig at his side as he tried to focus his driving before they stopped at roadside, as they saw your car is stopped there as well.

Ludwig get off the car slowly walking toward you. You stood facing the lake crossed your arms before you noticed a large calloused arms wrapped your hips from behind and a comfort head leaned at your shoulder and neck.

"Es tut mir leid mein liebing. Finally I met you again..."

:bulletred: :bulletwhite: :bulletblue: :bulletyellow:

12 hours later.....

You sat at the edge of the bed, still thinking of your what had just happen for that day. You're supposed to get married with that stranger but ended up in the middle, before Ludwig - the German guy that you really loved who 'betrayed your love' come back to you. You looked at the wedding ring at your right hand, still couldn't believe it.

A door knock makes you turned around before Ludwig came in, sat beside you. "Are you alright, mein liebing?"

You slowly nodded, "I can't believe you are back..."

"Once again (Name), I-"

"Enough," you looked at your phone as you read the SMS that Ludwig sent last week, written

From: Sweetheart from Deutschland (Ludwig)
To: Mein Liebester Schatzen (Name)

Dear (Name),
I want to tell you that we're going to end our relationship here. I had just found someone else to get marry with. I know this is hurting you but... please forgetting me. You will find your true love, but not with me.
Regards, Ludwig

"(Name), was... Nein! It vas not from me! It vas...." Ludwig silenced. "(Enemy 1)"

"You... you came back to her?" you shocked.

"It vas she came first. She blackmailed me zhat you have somevone else behind me, but I know you are not like zhat..." he stroked your hair as he carefully leaned at your neck, "Und she forced me to get marry vith her since she told me zhat she hired somevone... to kill you-"

You pulled Ludwig away as you disbelieved it, "Did she tell you why she want to do that?"

"She said you..." he gulped silently before he held your hand that placed on your lap, blushed. "Did you felt anyzhing vrong lately?"

"Well..." you corrected your (hairstyle / hijab style) "I just get some dizzy lately, since 2 weeks I felt my throat feel weird and I almost get throw up at the kitchen sink-"

Your sweetheart suddenly pushed you down to the bed, pinned underneath him, makes you blushed, "Ludwig?"


"What if there's someone else came in our live?"

"Was?" Ludwig almost shocked.

"And they called you 'Vatti'?"

It makes Ludwig felt touched from his heart before he leaned toward you, pecking a lovely kiss at your lips that you really missed for, followed with a whisper "I'm maybe not zhe best man to be loved, but I dare to do anyzhing for you, as long as you're vith me,"

"Danke... Mein Herz ist nur für Sie (Thanks. My heart is only for you)" your eyes slowly fluttered shut before you felt another kiss at your neck and shoulder, it was heavenful but teasingly much.


You opened your eyes as you sat up, it was 3.00 AM there. That thing that you faced for was not real, it was only a dream. You looked at
the romance novel 'From Munich to KL - with Pasta', maybe you brought the scene of that novel to your dream while your sleeping.

"I hope there's a lovely guy like Ludwig somewhere, if he's not German, at least he has German attitude to make me die for him," you whispered.

You heard a silent grunt makes you turned to the side. "Ludwig..."
Never Break My Heart (Deutschland x Chubby!Reader)
Ja, I'm chubby actually. So why don't you girls to feel the love?? 

Correct me if Deutschland sounds awkward here, since it's inspired from my German ex-boyfriend as well.

Comments please. Ludwig need at least 2-3 comments from you so he can show up more.... Bitte~ :iconimsorryplz:


Hetalia characters - Hidekaz Himaruya
You - :iconsexygermanyplz:
Your lucky freund - :iconsexyprussiaplz:
Johann and (Enemy 1 and 2) - no one does. They're a jerk, do they?
From Munich to KL - with Pasta plot - me^^

Comments please or our Ludwig will never show up......  :icongermanyemocornerplz:

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I found some idea to be written, (Reader) who coupled with one German guy (Original verse - Tobias Schwarzzen / Hetalia verse - Ludwig) then saved her friend (Friend) name from being sold to prostitution by her ex, Johann. There was one problem, when Johann kept vengenance against (Original verse - Philipp Schwarzzen / Hetalia verse - Gilbert) for kidnapping her, but at the same time, Catherine, (Tobias/Ludwig)'s ex girlfriend came to get him back while you get reunion moment with (Original verse - Vladimir / Hetalia verse - Ivan). It sounds more like pentagon love, I think.....

Wait! Wait! Format the plot. I even don't know what am I wanna put the conflict for this novel. The only antagonist that confirmed to this story is Johann (Friend)'s abusive boyfriend. (Vladimir/Ivan) met (Reader) in reunion event.....

For the ending, I'll put 3-4 different endings. But I can't tell you.


Nur Nabella Abdullah
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi,hi,hi. Bella Vee in da house!!

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My current fictional guy interest Germany :heart: by Rikiku321

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10 things about me
* A conversative girl with liberal minded
* Germany NT die-hard-fan
* Coffee and tea lover. Starbucks is my fave hangout lounge
* Prefer J-pop and anime soundtrack than K-pop songs
* has cynophobia (fear of dogs)
* Has a big appetite~ Nyum!
* 5' 1'' tall
* The eldest of 2 siblings
* Loves toys... mostly Fisher-Price toys (don't blame my mind for this)
* doesn't like to talk much.

I RP as...


* Commander (last Name)
* Alfred Firinson V
* Jimmy Firinson
* Thrasher Rotten

*Jack Frost (Rise of The Guardians)
*Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon)
*Rapunzel (Tangled)
*Merida (Brave)
*Oh My English and Klik students
* Deutschland/Germany (Ludwig) and Prussia (Gilbert) (APH - Human AU only) :new:

* Kyle-Ryll Vamburt (OC - Germany NT)
* Kaito Rezekrov (OC - Germany NT)
* Marvin Movenhart (OC- Germany NT)
I'm not good RP-ing as real people so don't ask


Current Residence: Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia
Favourite genre of music: contemporary
Favourite style of art: manga/comic
Operating System: Windows vs Mac
MP3 player of choice: my own Creative Muvo v200
Wallpaper of choice: cartoons
Skin of choice: what the?
Favourite cartoon character: Err... *point my finger to Jack Frost*
Personal Quote: whatever, enjoy!!

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