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May 1, 2013
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Fun Revenge LEMON! (Jack Frost x Revenge-Maiden!Reader)

Note: Side-story of GraphIce Love Saga

You are the revenge spirit or people called you 'Revenge Maiden'. The old folk says that the dead person who been killed or abused until death, their souls became a bad spirit to make chaos to this world. Revenge Maiden created to help them to seek revenge for their sake to anybody who make them suffered. You are aged 250 years but your looks like you're (current age)

Your powers are...
1) Pyrokinesis
2) Telepathy
3) Can read someone's past time and future time
4) Photographic memory
5) teleportation with snapping finger

How your appearance looks like? Your (color, length) hair moved a bit followed the wind blow and you looked magnificent with a golden tiara with fire-shaped ruby on it, your (color) eyes showing that you're out of duty after your last job, killing one man who caused one girl get raped and killed until death tragically. At least, your contribution lets that girl's soul to go to the heaven and send that man to the hell for the deserved punishment. If you're in duty, your eyes turned red, showing that you have a new job to do. Your clothes? You were wearing red tight thin kebaya dress with fire design until it revealed white corset and (color) skin, with red long dress with a slit up at the side, also red stilettos. Ktak! Ktak! Ktak! You walked like a lady with your right hand held a closed red traditional hand-fan, along the path of snowy ground looking around. You felt so bored until....

Your eyes turned red suddenly as you felt you have a new duty to solve in. You shut your eyes to track down who is your target, then your eyes opened as you focused to somebody stood 2 metre before you, makes you smirked as you finally get the target... The handsome boy with powers....

"Hello, handsome boy..." you said seductively to him from behind, covering your mouth and nose with opened traditional hand-fan. That boy turned around as he responded of your voice and he was surprised..

"You can see me?" he asked. You looked to him from head to toe. He has white-slvered messy locks, light blue eyes with snowflake pattern if you see it clearly also curving a bad boy smile... also pale white skin, makes you little curious to know more. He was wearing blue hoodie with frost pattern at collar and sleeves, tight brown pants and... you noticed he's in barefoot makes you questioned, why he didn't wear shoes in this snowy ground? Is he not get cold? And you saw his right hand held 2 metre wooden staff with a hook shape at the top.

He is Jack Frost.

"Oh.. yeah..." you chuckled. "It seems you are my next target for my revenge,"

"Next target?" Jack looked confused. "I don't understand at all, snowflake,"

"Well... when I closed my eyes, I saw you killed someone in blizzard 3 days ago, she leaved in cold laid on the snow suffered until death. I represent that young kid to pay what you've done-" your left hand formed a fire dagger then pointed to his neck, "-To her,"

"Wait the second!!" Jack pulled away the dagger from his neck as he looked to you, "Since when I killed her? I didn't do anything except creating snowballs and fun times and...that's all. And one more thing..." He get his face closer to you, makes you little nervous, "I'm Jack Frost, winter spirit and Guardian of Fun,"

"I don't care your a guardian or spirit but-" you pulled his face away from yours as you held your dagger pointed to him. "You already killed a human and I have a right to finish you in the name of revenge,"

"I already told you, I didn't kill anyone-" Jack replied but you cut off his word with a end of the dagger almost close to his lips then you walked around him your eyes scanned every inch of him without any words to say and....

"I think I have an exception so you won't get killed and contribute world to make winter," you said, smirked. "But there's  a condition and you'll only have this chance once,"

"Fine, and I'm deal on it," Jack replied, little bad mood for dealing with you.

You snapped your finger and some fire formed from your finger moving around both of you. The snowy park disappeared and replaced into dark place. At first, Jack shocked until he get his step backward but you shushed as the dark place slowly turned into one 200x200 bedroom. Without door and window! It painted in red and blue at opposite side with one blue king-sized bed covered with thin trans-light red silk net, 2 white pillows, blue matress and bed sheets, below it is red silk carpet. Beside the bed was a table with fire-shape  table-lamp with red dimmed light with candle of rose scent.

"You'll get the penalty where you MUST be in here until I told you so," you said. Jack kept looking around in curious.

"So what am I need to do for you, snowflake?" he asked.

"Easy. You are allowed to make one game that we can shared together. But you have to impress me. If you succeed, you're safe. But if you failed..." you pointed your dagger to his neck as the clue, then he grabbed your hand makes your dagger fell on the floor. His tight and frigid grip makes you urged to escape but he then lifted you in bridal style before he put you on the bed gently. You laid on the bed looking up to him sat on his knees beside you, makes your right hand caressed his thighs covered with his tight pants, makes you predicted what he will do to you... you shocked as he leaned his body against you makes you can feel the mix of hot and cold. His hands grabbed your butt gently as he rocked his hips against you, makes you tensed. You didn't mind he's little light for you but something that you can't stand longer... you can feel his cool cock twitched a bit. Your mind said to you that you really want it inside you. He knows how to impress you... He gave you a gentle frozen kiss at your warm lips makes your eyes shut down slowly relaxed, then he turned the kiss into harsh makes your hand placed at his hair playing with it, while the other moved underneath his hoodie and yes, it's so chilly... as you lifted it up over his chest, he licked your lips to beg for entrance as you willingly let him explored your mouth. It feel like you were drinking iced water with peppermint flavor, as his tongue dominated yours and it feel like you were ready for the next scene. The kiss broken as he sat up on his knees at left and right side of you, and you saw he removed his hoodie and throw it on the floor. Your hands moved down to his pants as you unbuckled his belt and unzipped it down... your lips turned into en evil smile as you finally can see something that you never seen before... there the winter spirit get off from his position to remove his pants and throw it on the same spot and resume his position as he noticed you didn't blinked your eyes as you looked over him. It was a surprise since that was your first time you were alone with a man. With a pale white skin, bit-muscled arms, wide bared chest, flat abs and lastly... his white erected cock makes you gulped thus you sat up, your eyes kept focused to it. Your hands caressed every inch of his torso makes him shut his eyes as he felt the warmth of you on his skin, it was irresistable then you heard he grunted, could be he wants more touch from you.

"I'm sorry for this, young man. But I have to do this..." you said before your hands held his cool cock stroking it up and down gently, makes him panted shut his eyes in pleasure. Listening to his moan makes you kept stroking it also caressing his inner thighs to make it more interesting. After a few minutes stroking it, you get your lips at the tip of his cock as you licked it repeatedly makes him moaned louder stroking your hair without touching your tiara. You were ready to enter it inside your mouth to find out how large it was. You can feel it was too cold, like a popsicle and it's 2 times bigger. You predicted his cock length was around 6-7 inch (15-17cm)... you kept sucking it and listening to his groans as he played with your hair. But you feel like.... you don't want this to the end. You flipped Jack so he laid under you looked panicked of your evil stare to him. You grabbed a bottle of chocolate sauce then opened the lid as you poured some of the chocolate sauce around his torso and the bed. His blue eyes opened wide, in curious of figuring out what were you doing. You leaned down against him as you licked every chocolate spot as well as his skin, the warm touch at your tongue makes Jack groaned throw his head up. You chuckled continuing your lick until no more chocolates spot left. You stare at his cock as you pointed the chocolate sauce bottle at the tip of it then you poured some chocolate sauce there, before you sucked his once again. Oh... it's cold and sweet, and listening to his groans makes you more excited to torture him again by stroking around his cock and inner thighs to make the scene more interesting.... After 10 minutes, you felt some icy pre-cum inside your mouth makes you sucked it all and swallowed it. After it's done, you released his cock from your mouth, licked your lips with evil smile but not for long. Jack secretly grabbed your dropped dagger from the floor before he flipped you down to the bed, as you laid under him.

"Your fun times is over, snowflake..." he said in husky voice as he used your dagger to slice your dress carefully without slicing your corset and your porcelain skin, then he ripped it off harshly and collected it into the roll of ripped red dress then throw it on the floor. And then, he stabbed the dagger at one spot on the bed, makes you shrieked in fear. He shushed at your ear followed with a frozen lick, makes you little calm. After that, His eyes looked down to your legs covered with long skirt with a slit at the side revealing lady-like legs makes him lifted up to figure it out more... he grabbed your right leg as he plant chilly kiss, his lips trailed up to your thigh makes you little shivered. And then he removed your skirt with unhooked and unzipped and pull it down harshly and throw it on the floor. Not forget, he removed your stilettos and throw it at the same place. You were now in white corset which it pushed your (size) breasts closer with matched color lace panties, he smirked looking every inch of your body. For him, it was his first time he watched the lady undressed like that after being a loner for a very long time. Seeing it for first time makes him think you were so pretty even you're undressed. You can feel your panties soaking badly for staring the winter spirit with full of lust since that was your first time you attracted with a man. While Jack moved his hands at your inner thighs caressed them gently, he leaned in against you as his lips planted at your neck, make you threw your head up to let him kept kissing and licking over there giving you moaned in pleasure shut your eyes. You only moaned of his name when he found your perfect spot on your neck thus he sucked it before giving a frostbite to leave a mark there. It gives you little pain but who cares of that since you really want Jack that moment. After a few moments, his lips trailed down at your collarbone and shoulders giving them a chilly lick and kiss before stopped at the curve at your chest as his tongue followed every inch of it while his hands kept playing with your corset straps since he didn't know how to remove them. For you, he wants to explore there thus your hands at your back to unhook removing your corset and finally you revealed your naked torso to him. At first, you looked little nervous since that was your first time one man finally figured out how your body shape look like behind your clothes, and you only hope Jack didn't disappointed of you, but then... Some sweet voice escaped from your lips since his tongue and lips explored your right breast while he massaged the rest one gently, makes you felt tense of his chilly touch for a few moments before he switched breasts with same act makes you gripped the bed-sheet as his frozen moment with you makes your mind blown away somewhere due to feeling ice-cube on your body.

"More, Jack... More..." you moaned, pleading him to keep continue his move, you felt his free hand moved down to your tummy forming frost a bit makes you shivered before his hand moved underneath your panties kept fondling your intimate area gently and something makes you surprised, he entered 2 fingers inside your wet entrance makes you gasped since it was like he soaked his hands with iced water. Your gasp turned into cute groan for feeling his icy tongue at your breasts and he entered you with his fingers followed with his thumb played with your clit makes your mind lost of control due to your lust feelings to let Jack played with you until one moment your breathe stucked at your throat as you trapped in his sensual touch since he stopped tasting and fingering you, your breathe turned into normal and that winter spirit lowered his head down makes you curious what will happen next. Some cold air took over your hips and you felt your panties been stripped down slowly, you lifted up your hips to ease him for that, and finally... both of you totally undressed, heavy blushing.

"Jack, what are-" you asked before cut off with your cry in pleasure as his tongue explored your entrance and inner thighs, every lick at target spot makes you moaned of his name and arched your back, you felt you were in heaven. Your hands played with his white locks to give him encouragemet to keep himself down there for you. When his tongue entered inside you, it feel like he has much ice cube inside his mouth and you really love the cold but it also makes you kept soaking for letting your lust feeling to Jack took over your mind. "Crap! Jack... Jack... Oh my... Jack..." Your moaned of his name like a prayer as he kept tasting you down there.

After 15 minutes, "Jack, I... I'm so close..." you panted as you feel drown in pleasure, your body slowly quivered by lot of release, giving him to suck most of them until nothing left before he kissed your entrance and moved up to you, make a long time eye contact before he met his lips to yours. You tasted of yourself in the kiss, murmured. He grabbed your knees to spread your legs, you willingly make your legs apart as he sat on his knees between them, for you it was like 2 pieces of puzzle or key and padlock. No matter what it is, they have a similarity. You will going to the next stage, you have to let him enter you. Your nervous feeling rised up, in your whole life as Revenge Maiden, you used to seduct men by your lustful voice or gentle caress but you used your skills so it ease you to kill them. You never used your seductive skills to bring them on the bed, even make love with them. You snapped back to reality as Jack kept caressing every inch of your torso while you kept stroking his cock pointing it at your entrance to find out of his length and size fits for you. That gives him moaned in bliss. Your eyes read his mind that he wishes to have this with someone. Before this, when he felt very lonely and need been loved, he had to make it himself, but it's not satisfied enough compared with how you take care of him. As you stared at his blue eyes for long, you released your hands from his length gripped the pillow, panted.

"Your such a perfectly gentleman, Jack..." you confessed silently cupped his cheek to make him stare at you. He kissed your lips passionatedly stroking your hair makes your mind relaxed a bit before he parted from you. One of his hand held yours to make you more calm before he kissed your hand, it was a romantic moment for you, but then his gentleman act turned into mischievous move as his lips trailed at your neck to leave a lovely kiss, move up to your ear as he licked bit by bit, makes you felt ticklish shivering. First turned out as gentle hearted guy, then he became mischievous trickster, the dream guy personalities that you really wanted for whole of life. You really like the guy who act like a gentleman not just protect you also bring you comfort on your bed, and you also like the guy who act like a trickster teasing you to make you laughed after tiring of your work as revenge spirit then you can have a fun time with him. And finally, you found your dream guy as both of the personalities already in Jack Frost. The winter spirit with gentle hearted also mischief maker.

"Don't tease with your foreplay, Jack.... it's not funny..." you mumbled.

"It will be no fun if I don't tease you, snowflake~" he replied before he nibbled your ear, makes you panted caressing the nape of his neck as he panted in pleasure. "I can't wait for this. I need all of you.... now..." he kissed you harshly before he whispered lustfully, "You're already make me crazy... but do you want me?"

"Yes..." you replied seductively and you noticed one of his hand held his cock pointing at your entrance while the rest held your hand pinned on the bed for calm you down.

"Are you sure?" he asked again and you replied, "Yes, Jack! I need you inside me, please!!"

Felling the tip of his cock at your opening makes you thought of something, it will be painful thus you wrapped your arms around his neck getting both of you closer making a lustfully eye-contact your hand caressed his pale white cheek smiling.

"Please be gentle with me, Jack," you confessed before he calmed you with a passionate kiss then parted.

"That's alright, snowflake but... wait. I don't know your name yet,"

You chuckled, what a silly winter spirit for not knowing your name but already played a game with you. "Okay... okay... silly me," you smirked. "Just call me (Name),"

"(Name). That name really fits for you," Jack kept kissing you at your neck to make you more calm before going to the next scene.

"Stop teasing, Jack," you giggled, caressing his shoulders while your eyes half-opened. "I wanna tell you, this is my first time. Must be you have much experience for this,"

"I have much experience of this?" Jack laughed. "This is my first time too, (Name),"

It was a surprise. As far as you know, the guy who has good-looking and mixed of gentle-and-witty attitude are magnets for the girls and always getting well on the bed. But not for Jack, why did it happended? You shut your eyes to read his past time and you knew the reason. Being invisible from been seen by others for over 300 years was suffering enough for him until he became a guardian but still, being a loner. Inside his mind, he wished someday he met someone who can be more than friend. Who knows with 'someone' he met, he can share his feelings for being a loner, accompany him to play snowballs and fly around, always being a target of his prank and lastly... you snapped back to the scene as he started entering you, makes you shrieked in pain. Seeing you almost cried makes he felt guilty thus he kissed you to ease the pain, weaving his fingers with yours for support. Some warm tears flowing down across your cheek, feeling the first time been loved by your dream guy and the chillness of him bite entire of your nerve.

"(Name)..." he mumbled silently. "Your so tight inside..." he smirked looking at you.

"J-Jack..." you moaned, your free hand stroked his hair to feel more fun. He stopped entered you looking to your eyes.

"Did it hurts you, (Name)?" he asked. You shake your head slowly as you replied, "No, Jack. This is our first time. Ignore it,"

Nothing else he can do except keep entering you. You can hear he panted for feeling the tightness and warmth in you until both of you joined together. You smiled to him and giving him a kiss before... "Don't stop," you demanded, makes him started working himself in and out of you. It showing that you need how much he can love you and proven that he can make the best for you. When his lips planted a lovely kiss at your neck and shoulders, you threw your head up panted in pleasure. At first, he moved slowly and gently for you so you can normalise yourself with him. But as the time passed by, your wall adjusted to his size, makes you felt bored of the slow move, since you really want him to impress you.

"More, Jack. Harder.... faster..." you pleaded. Jack nodded slowly, smirked as he moved inside you faster and harder giving you threw out your cute seductive moan that you can give to him as encouragement. Every harsh thrust from him makes your walls kept clenching around his and your body kept moving for his sensual vision. He sat up keep moving in you toying every inch of your body with his hands, his lips curving a bad boy smile showing that he totally excited to figure out more of you. Your lips kept chanting of moans and groans, mostly of his name. Your hands moved around his back up and down, pressing your nails at his skin as he kept thrusting you and found some special spot makes your mind blown away. You knew his relentless and uncontrollable thrust was more fericious than any man that you (physically) fought before. This time with Jack, you can't fight back. Every time you struggled like moving your arms pushing him away, he thrusted you harder makes you in pain, but he kissed your neck as apologize. You shut your eyes feeling Jack mainly control your game, invading your body to make you his while you want to make him yours.

"Ah.. yes, Jack. Yes.... Right there! Right there!" you moaned louder gripping the bed sheet tightly. "Crap you Jack! This is so good~" it only makes him kept thrusting you for both of your sake, impressing your desire and releasing of what he wanted for. "Back and forth... back and forth... oh yeah Jack... your great..." one hard thrust makes you stunned in bliss arching your back slowly. Your seductive move was a pretty sight from the winter spirit, it was beautiful when your body created only for him and both of you perfectly matched each other, need a same desire even has a different center.

Fun and Revenge, the different centre that not related each other, however both of your desire makes those center like completing each other. You need fun of having romance with any dream man, while Jack need revenge for your dangerous threat to harm him and only one thing to solve it, fight back to impress you.

Your moans and his grunts echoed filling the room, mixed with combination of warmth and chillness makes both of you altogether felt hot and cold. Feeling more comfort with him, your legs wrapped around his hips for more thrust support. You can feel every inch of him moved inside you, it was quite pleasureable for being in love with him... you don't want this to the end if you can be. Jack gets closer to you as he whispered of your name followed with some compliment of how pretty you are, makes your eyes slowly shut but you opened your eyes suddenly as you heard he whispered of three magic words... your tears flowing faster.

As far as you thought, nobody love you as Revenge Maiden. Not because nobody believed in you, but they actually afraid to make wrong deeds, afraid of you as Revenge Maiden took their soul alive. You also need somebody to accompany with but every time you want to get closer with other, they will run away afraid if you want to kill them. But Jack is totally different. He is such a generous young man who usually interact with kids to play snowball wars.. one has a power to kill for justice but harder to meet due to perception and another one is easily to get closer with but always be a loner...

You chuckled then kissed his neck sensually as reply followed with a seductively voice, "I love you too, Jack..." after you said that, he slowly blowing some cold wind at your ear makes you drown in his romantic tease...

After 2-3 hours both of you in love together, you felt climbing up to the final stage, and he realized it, makes him cuddled you, feeling mix of warm and cold while he kept thrusting inside you. It only makes your back arched higher your moan turned louder and longer, signing him that you're so close, he kissed you to muffle your scream playing with your hair to make you getting more closer to him. As you parted from him, you felt a major change. Both of you felt warmth took over your body and something will released in no time. The winter spirit smirked looking your innocent look feel like been taken over, he leaned in to your neck teasing you to make you ride in your blissful pleasure.

"Cum for me, snowflake~" he demanded, smirked and you felt it in your skin.

"Yes!! I'm so close, Jack... Please..." you moaned.

"I know... I'm going to pour it in you.."

"Wait! I'm almost there Jack..." your body tightened up, you can't wait for this grabbed his hands tightly your voice continuously moaned. And finally both of you screamed together, arrived at the final stage. You heard he groaned of your name, but that time you can't recognise your name within his voice since your mind had been taken over by Jack for all. You cried out if his name seductively, feeling him released inside you, it was an unlimited pleasure with him feeling icy sensation inside even some of it leaked at your thighs and bed-sheet, while his thrust turned slower and after 10-15 minutes, he stopped fall down against you as you gave him a lovely hug. He let his inside you longer, kissed you at your cheek followed with some whisper at your ear, his cold breathe already make you shivered, added with his husky voice describing how magnificent you are. Falling snows entire the room makes you kept shivering, is it a miracle or... you were in winter heaven? You almost drown in his affection.

His chilly kiss at your neck makes you felt comfort rubbing his hair until messy. "Jack... what do you think..."

"I can say... you are adoreable," he replied cupped your cheek then moved his kiss to your lips. "So, am I impressing you for this?"

You hummed for a while before you plant a kiss at his forehead, "Yes, you're safe, Jack. I like it," you chuckled.

"You know what, snowflake..." Jack make a sensual eye-contact with yours while you felt some ticklish at your neck by his icy fingertips. "When I first time met you, I feel like.." he blushed.

"I know how you feel, Jack," you winked giving him a kiss. Jack, what I've done here is the proof of my love to you. But when he parted his lips from yours, both of you looked questioned of something.

"Are you sure that you really love me?" you asked as one of your hand rubbed your tummy. "I will-"

The winter spirit grabbed your hand fondled it gently, "I know you as the revenge spirit, (Name). If you have been betrayed, you'll keep grudge against it. You will pay your revenge with their life. And I won't betray you. I promise," he kissed your hand and place it at his cheek, feeling the chillness and comfort.

"I know you won't betray me, my boy. Just give me more fun and we're done," you chuckled.

"But I have to ask you, what's interesting on me until you brought me here?" Jack asked in curious.

That makes you smiled evilly giving him lovely kiss then parted as you caressed his cheek, "Because nobody can resist the awesomeness of Jack Frost..."
Okay..... back to GraphIce Love Saga (Full story - [link] )

Also challenges by :iconjackfrostxreader: write a story in which the reader is also a guardian or a spirit!

Revenge Maiden visual ref -

Whatcha think??

Comments please~ :iconimsorryplz:
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