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This is the 1st part of GraphIce Love Saga. Read the Intro first

While you keep drinking (fav drink), your two buddies (your buddies' name) came toward you.

"(your name), would you like to go to (town nearby)? Maybe for window shopping or else," (1st buddy name) asked

"Emm... I'm alright....." you replied. "But let me to keep my things first," You stood up as you keep your things inside your bagpack. As it done, you with your bagpack went out from cafeteria, with your two buddies as well.

At the same time, Jack Frost looked at you as you leave with them, he walked after you without been noticed and fly up higher as you entered (2nd buddy name)'s car and leave out of campus. He flying after that car until arrived at one mall, as he landed on roof nearby, looking at you closely entering the mall.

"Emm.... so what are we supposed to do?" you asked them.

"Up to you, (your name) but we only given 2 hours to window-shopping. At 5PM sharp," your 1st buddy replied as he/she reminded you.

There, you walked away from them, from one shop to another shop to look what's inside.


3 hours later....

You were still in mall for looking hot stuff as you entered one branded clothes shop, looking for the price and so on... but you forgot of something. You went there with your buddies, as you went out from that shop and walked faster to the entrance door of the mall, you realised your buddies are not after you. In stressed condition, you went out from the mall, to the parking lot, specifically at your buddy's car, so they're not worried much of you....

But otherwise happen. That car was gone. Yes, it was gone. Your buddies leaved you at all....

That day was in twilight, there are no much buses that you can take for going back to campus. You worried if you came to the campus in time curfew, you will get fined. You live inside dorm actually, specifically in Dorm (fav flower) Ground Level, (fav number). You were hopeless to get back home.....

you were alone.

"Looks like you need a company," someone's voice echoed at your ear, you looked left and right, as you saw somebody stood on the lampstand, balanced without scared of been fell down.

Jack Frost.

"Ah, you again! You always annoyed me for today!!" you shouted. "Recently, you laughed me for freezing my tumbler, now you want me to...."

"Wait the second," he said suddenly, cutting your words as he jumped down to the ground, landing before you. "How did you know I freeze your....." he muted for a while to get the suitable word that he want to mention.

"Tumbler?" you said.

"Okay, back to your word,......" He tried to remember of you have said.

"You want me to been leave alone here, and I have..." you looked at your watch and you have not more than 30 minutes for a curfew. "It's getting late! It's getting late!!" You were in panic.

Seeing you in panic, he held your (left/right) hand suddenly, as you stopped act panic before him.

"Err..." you flattered as Jack Frost held your hand.... this is your first time some guy touched you..... maybe for something that needed.

"For my apologize, I'll help you to send you back home," he said, makes you comfort, somebody who tried to annoy you want to help you as apologize..... at first, you felt shy to tell it but at last....

"Umm.. okay. Deal. Please take me back home, boy," you said.

He chuckled as he heard you called him as 'boy'. "Thanks. By the way, I am Jack Frost," he said as he grabbed you in bridal style suddenly.

Without got a time to say something, he started to fly away, bringing you higher up to the sky. You screamed as you actually fear of high places... in high velocity.

He stopped at one space of the sky, still floating and you stopped screaming as it stopped, you looked what happen under.... you shocked in fear, your arms covered over his neck and you hidden your face at his chest.

"Don't worry, it won't be long," Jack Frost tried to calm you down from your fear.... then he took a long breathe as he flying down in slow move....

to the cafeteria where you did meet him for the first time.

He landed slowly on the ground, and you slowly lost of your fear after you heard some noises from inside cafeteria.

"Open your eyes... we have just arrived," That voice make you opened your (eye color) eyes, as you saw the guy who carried you back home smiled, then he gently dropped you down, standing beside him.

"Err... thanks....." you said, but muted you remembered he mentioned his name before he took you back home. "Jack... and... umm.. I forgot the last one...."

"Jack Frost," he replied so you finally remembered it.

"Ha... got it! Thanks again Jack." You smiled, finally you were in home before the curfew, as you rushed back to your room at the dorm.

"But wait!!" he said suddenly as he saw you leave. "I need to..."

"See you next day, Jack. I have more work to do tonight," You replied as you arrived at your room. The conservation ended after you shut and locked the door.

"Right," he said as he saw you leave, but it didn't mean it ends here....


Hour 2350, your room

Still sketching the logo redesign for your assignment, looking at the dew window reminds you of the writing on it when you were at cafeteria. You thought it was done by someone who annoyed you (your male classmate) but that night you saw it again, this time, there were a drawing of snowflakes on the window, and as it completed, there was a writing...

Do you remember me?

That makes you thinking, who else tried to annoy you but at last, apologized for what it's done. Thinking and thinking..... you saw another writing on the window, beside the first one.

I want to meet you. Meet me at the usual place.

You thought of 'usual place'. You never get a date with any guy before, so you didn't know what does it mean. Until you discovered there's a circle drawing on the window, as you focused on it, it showing of the leafless tree beside the cafeteria.

And Jack Frost was there waiting you. All of that was his plan at all.

With wearing (fav color) nightgown, you grabbed your dorm key as you shut and locked the door. You walked faster toward the cafeteria which it already closed 2 hours ago, right at the leafless tree where the Ice Prince waited for you for 15 minutes.

"Okay Jack, why you want me to come here?" you asked. "It's not good for the students to go out after the curfew. It break the regulation of campus,"

"Who cares? I don't need rules to live," Jack replied, makes you feel annoyed again.... while his blue eyes looking every inch of you up to down... then up back, start from your (hair color) hair, then to your (eye color) eyes, your cute look, then at your nightgown... then focused back sharp at your eyes.

You sighed. "Fine. But..... this time only. After this, no way!!"

"Calm down... we have the fun already...."

"Fun??" you guessed something.

"Just stand there... I'll show you something," He said as he kneed down, placed his hand on the snowy grass left and right, as it formed a freeze ice spreading to most of the area.

You still in question what was he doing as suddenly he grabbed your waist and you hold him tight yourself, as you feel he want to bring you to fly up once again.

And yes, he brought you up, and this time you were in no fear, on the ground (the snowy grass ground) there were a symbol of snowflakes with mixtures of heart shape.

"That... was amazing, Jack~," you cried in happiness suddenly as you saw that 'masterpiece', and you looked for that for a few minutes....

"Okay, are you satisfied for looking it?" he asked as he want to drop you down.

"Okay, drop me down,"

There, he flying down slowly, and as he landed, you also been dropped out on the ground as well.

"I think you're happy enough for today," he said.

"Yeah...." you replied.

"But I have something to ask you,"

"Just say it, Jack. I'm free for it,"

"I need to know your name,"

You muted for a while before you answered your name to him.

"Nice name you have. Nice to meet you," he said, smiling as showing that he likes you at all. Even at the first meet, he thought you were annoying or somewhat but when he tried to know you deeply, there was something nice inside your heart that nobody don't know.....

"Huh... it's getting too late, Jack. I need to sleep...." you walked away slowly from him, winked as you moved toward your room and unlocked it. Before you shut the door, Jack Frost still looking at you, holding his staff at side.... and he's gone as you keep away from the door.

There, you shut and locked the door, and you suddenly remembered something...

"Holy crap! The snowflake with heart shapes! I got the idea!!"

You rushed toward your table as you get your layout pad and pencil case, then you start sketching of snowflakes and heart shape in different composition, angles, proportion and designs.

That time, Jack Frost also watching you from above, from the cafeteria roof, looking of how good you draw.

After 6 pages of sketching of the redesigns, you felt sleepy thus you get before your (2nd fav color) single bed, grab the blanket as you shut your eyes and......


As you were in long sleep, dreaming of (up to you), there were a snowy mild wind appeared in your room, as it turned into Jack Frost. As he see you asleep, he kneed down beside your bed, as he see clearly you hugged a pillow, smiling in dream of joy. He attracted of how you asleep as his hand stroked your (hair color) hair slowly from the start until the end..... and you only moved you pillow-hugging for a bit, as you felt of somebody touched your hair. Your sweet smile makes him more in crush to you as his cold lips get closer to your forehead and one soft kiss given.

"Sleep tight (your name). I wish I can meet you again~," he whispered at your ear before stood up, then turned up into snowy mild wind and disappeared. It caused your room kinda cold a bit, but it not disturbed your dream.

To be continued....
By popular demand, this story got a sequel~~

Previous: [link]

Comments please~ also some suggestion for the sequel~ :iconimsorryplz:

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Next: [link]

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Jack Frost and ROTG universe - Dreamworks
Story - Me^^
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